Berkeley Green Party 2012 endorsements!


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Here are the Berkeley endorsements made by the Berkeley Greens 9/11/12. These will appear with detailed explanations in the upcoming Green Voter Guide that the Alameda County Greens are printing up right now!


  1. Measure M — Streets bond. We oppose Measure M.
  2. Measure N — Pools bond. We endorse Measure N (in honor of Dona Spring).
  3. Measure O — Pool special tax. Funds Measure N. We endorse (in honor of Dona Spring).
  4. Measure P — Reauthorize taxes (Gann override). We endorse.
  5. Measure Q — Modernize utility users tax. We endorse.
  6. Measure R — Redistricting. We oppose.
  7. Measure S — Sit-lie ordinance. We oppose: No, no, no.
  8. Measure T — West Berkeley Project. We oppose: No, no, no.
  9. Measure U — Sunshine Ordinance. No, with reservations.
  10. Measure V — Biennial Financial Reports, if not submitted, no tax increases (FACTS initiative). Yes, with reservations.
  11. Rent Stabilization Board slate. We endorse the rent board slate of Igor Tregub, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Judy Shelton, and Asa Dodsworth.
  12. City Council Races — District 2, Denisha DeLane, Adolfo Cabral; No Moore!.
  13. District 3, Max Anderson, no others.
  14. District 5, Sophie Hahn, no other ranking.
  15. District 6, don’t vote for Susan Wengraf. Write in Phoebe Sorgen.
  16. Mayor: For first and second choice, we co-endorse Kahlil and Kriss; for third choice, Jackie with reservations.
  17. Berkeley Unified School District board — We endorse Judy Appel, Beatriz Leyva-Cutler

(the full minutes of the endorsement meeting can be found on the Minutes & Agendas page)

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